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Create A Financial Plan For Any Mountain 

Helping people relieve anxiety caused from financial stress by increasing income, improving spending behavior, and wealth building guidance. 


Raise Income

Whether you are in a position to seek a raise, get a second job, or switch careers, we can help walk you through the process of each and help identify the best path forward based on your current occupation, and goals. 

Spend Less

We will look at your current monthly spend, help define a budget, and help you live happily on less than you earn. We will look at debt obligations and tackle those first before helping you grow your savings. 

Grow Savings

Now that you are earing more, and spending less, you have a surplus! Now it is time to maximize that surplus. We can guide you in some different paths, whether it is retirement, or growing your liquid nest egg, to beat hedge fund returns and 401k traps. 


After a long career in a sales and marketing role in the technical industrial sector, I wanted to derive more meaning from my work. I wanted to help  the lives of others positively and make a difference. It just so happens that my passion and strengths with personal finance were evident to those close to me as I found myself helping friends and family with their various money questions about investing, retirement, and found myself managing their portfolios. Someone close to me said, you should do this for a living! And the seed was born. Helping others comes naturally to me and Surplus Training was formed to do exactly that. Money problems can cause stress, anxiety, and pain. Relationships, marriages, and partnerships can crumble if two people are not on the same page. It can literally hang over your head like a black cloud but it doesn't have to be an ongoing problem. In other instances anxiety about retirement and investing looms. No matter your situation is, there is a way out. Surplus Training can help you find ways to increase your income, get control of your spending by setting up a monthly budget, and give you no nonsense investing advise you can follow on your own to grown your retirement or nest egg consistently. We will explain the process and help you understand the "how" part of finance, which tends to be a mystery to many. You are not alone, Surplus Training can guide and give you the tools and the plan to lift the stress and anxiety weighing on you. A dream without a plan is just a wish. Contact us today to change your future. 



Asking for a raise is scary. I was unsure how to go about it and did not want to seem greedy but felt I deserved it. Surplus Training helped me realize that if I did it right, the worst they could say is no, and they would probably respect me more even if I couldn't get a raise. Surprisingly, I did get a raise, and more respect! I couldn't be happier! 

Project Manager

Samantha Kline

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